Become a vendor:

1.  Complete the Hampstead Farmers' Market Application, the Vendor's Certification/Agreement and the Release and Indemnification Form.

2.  NO LATER THAN APRIL 1, 2021 (for June 5th participation), send completed and signed Hampstead Farmers' Market Application, plus

  • Completed and signed Vendor's Certification/Agreement Form

  • Signed Release and Indemnification Form

  • A check in the amount of $110 for the first 10’ x 10’ space and $40 for each additional 10’x10’ space payable to the Hampstead Farmers’ Market.

3.  All forms and checks should be sent to:
                               Hampstead Farmers’ Market

                               P. O. Box 702

                               Hampstead, MD  21074

  Questions?  Email or

                        call Keith at 410-236-0589

2021 Regulations governing the operation of the Hampstead Farmers' Market
2021 Release and Indemnification Form
2021 Vendor Application
2021 Vendor Certification